Are Georgia Homeowners about to pay an EXTRA $61 MILLION to Allstate?

image.jpgYou’d have to be a stranger to news channels, radio stations and all national publications for the past three months to ignore the horrible devastation that southern states have endured.  Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma and especially Alabama and Missouri have seen what an unleashed Mother Nature can do.

Because of the weather outbreaks, it is undoubtedly “more risky” for the insurance providers that took most of the beating. Allstate and StateFarm, in particular, are looking to hike homeowners insurance premiums up to 30% in order to cover the risk. Allstate homeowners, in particular, are looking at an average of $172 additional increase for their homeowner’s policy upon renewal.

When you take a look at the black and white dotted lines, it’s astonishing how much money this will end up costing Georgia homeowners!

Take a look at the MATH:

THE FACTS, as reported by AJC:

# Georgia Homes are insured by (just) Allstate= 359,710 homes

Average increase per homeowner policy expected= $172

359,710 homes * $172 added increase= $61,870,120


How about….

  • Funding Georgia schools, which recently tightened budgets to a suffocating degree?
  • Creating job opportunities for an economy with increasing rates of unemployment?
  • Investing in local transportation safety and improving highways?
  • Funding local healthcare programs and hospitals?
  • Upgrading parks and recreations for children and families?

We can think of a 61 million BETTER things to do with Georgia’s money than payover 61,000,000 to an insurance company … especially when WE can get you BETTER coverage for less!

Our agency, Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers, represents multiple,financially stable (and thus, not increasing rates) Atlanta Homeowners Insurance companies, our loyalty is to the customer.We can find you a policy that better fits your unique needs at a price you can afford, without the rate hike!

Now, as soon as the rest of Georgia catches on, we’re in for some serious savings!

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January 2nd, 2017 by Georgia Non-Profit Insurance