Georgia NonProfit Insurance: A Different Type of Coverage

Georgia NonProfit Insurance understands the unique needs of Non-Profit organizations. Unlike standard commercial agents, our team at Georgia NonProfit Insurance realizes that your NonProfit is more than a business.

We won’t suggest a standard commercial policy, because we understand the difference between your organization and a standard business.

Of course, your NonProfit can secure coverage with any agency. The question is: Is it the RIGHT Coverage?

Unique Exposures that NonProfits May Face:

• Hosting fundraisers and special events

• Administering employment practices

• Recruiting and dealing with volunteers

• Transporting clients

• Working with vulnerable individuals, such as children or the elderly

• Facing employee or volunteer injuries

You are welcome to contact our NonProfit Insurance Georgia problem solvers, Tim Gaffney and our team, to ask any questions and receive a custom proposal of cost and coverage! Click the link above, or call 822.678.0157 to reach Tim directly!

April 3rd, 2012 by Georgia Non-Profit Insurance