Does Your Georgia NonProfit Need Sexual Conduct Liability Coverage?

If you’re interested in purchasing sexual conduct liability for your Georgia nonprofit organization, it’s

important you have a dedicated Georgia nonprofit insurance expert by your side to explain what you are or are not getting with this coverage, which can vary with each carrier.

Oftentimes, insurers claim to offer this free “silent” coverage with the nonprofit general liability policy, because they don’t specifically exclude improper sexual conduct. BUT, buyer beware! This is a case when one of the metro Atlanta Nonprofit insurance experts at Georgia Nonprofit insurance are invaluable.

Unless this coverage is purchased as a separate policy specially providing coverage for improper sexual conduct, do NOT assume you have this type of coverage for your employees or volunteers.

Even employees or volunteers who are falsely accused may receive no coverage at all under the silent coverage.

We encourage you to contact our Georgia nonprofit insurance experts at 888.869.6509 today for a custom analysis and complimentary proposal of cost and coverage for your organization today!

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August 26th, 2013 by Georgia Non-Profit Insurance