Three Most Common Nonprofit Lawsuits

Whether it’s the betterment of the community, progression of research or development of education, there’s no question that todays nonprofit organizations have amazing things to offer. And we all have much to be thankful for.

Yet, making the world a better place cannot be an organization’s only focus. In today’s litigious environment, every leader should understand and keep in mind their organization’s and/or personal liability. Even the most dedicated, responsible, ethical and detail-oriented organizations can become a victim of a lawsuit.

Regardless of who is right or wrong, lawsuits require a lot of time, energy and funding. And legal defense is the last place hard-earned/raised nonprofit funding should go.

So, what are the most three common nonprofit lawsuits?

  • Contract disputes

Your nonprofit is likely to engage in making contract agreements—such as hiring a contractor, renting a space for an event, etc. Agreement discrepancies can pose a very large risk to your organization.

  • Employment law claims

These may include sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, wage-and-hour disputes.

  • Personal injury lawsuits

This is the least likely claim your organization could face, but potentially very devastating financially. These lawsuits deal with organizations causing injury to another party, regardless of intent. They can include claims of physical injury, property damage, emotional distress or damage to a person’s reputation.

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No matter how many measures you’ve put in place to control and/or manage risks, your nonprofit organization can never be immune to a lawsuit. However, it can be protected, with reliable nonprofit insurance.

Before purchasing insurance for a nonprofit organization, it’s wise to consult an independent nonprofit insurance agency—which specializes in nonprofit insurance, while working with multiple insurance companies. This allows your agent to consult several leading carriers to find the best policy available.

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Source: by Peri Pakroo

September 2nd, 2014 by Georgia Non-Profit Insurance