Is a Four Year Old too Young to be Sued?

Claire Managh died from injuries sustained after she was knocked to the ground by a 4-year-old on a bicycle.

Clair Managh (right)

 Although not yet old enough for kindergarden, a 4 year old girl in New York is being sued for negligence. The accusation includes the 4 year old mowing down an elderly woman while racing her bike (training wheels attached) on a sidewalk in Manhattan. Claire Managh (pictured above) suffered a broken hip in the bicycle incident and died a couple of months later due to natural causes.

In what would appear to be a defense for the seemingly outrageous accusations against the 4 year old, the Managh lawyer stated “It’s not coming out of the kids’ pockets or their mothers’ pockets.” This due to the fact that insurance companies will be responsible for the defense and any damages awarded. Even if the accusations are unfounded, defense costs would be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Would this claim be covered under homeowners’ insurance or auto insurance? If you guessed homeowners’ insurance, you would be correct. Had the bike been motorized, auto insurance would be the first to respond.

January 2nd, 2017 by Georgia Non-Profit Insurance