Does Your Mother’s Day Gift Need to be Insured?

Mother's Day Jewlery

If you’ve spent the last five Mother’s Days handing your Mom flowers and chocolates, perhaps it’s time to consider something new! Let’s be honest, things can start to get a bit predictable when you’re in this kind of routine. And after “hours of labor,” it’s important to make this a memorable holiday for that special lady in your life!

Since the beginning of time, it’s been true that Mothers love anything “made from the heart,” but if you’re feeling like I am, you’ve outworn the handmade crafts, painted flower pots, bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates and everything in-between. So, this year, it’s time to kick things up a notch!

For the first time this Mother’s Day 2011, I’m going to replace flowers with diamonds and chocolate with of course, more chocolate! So, if you’re also looking to amp up your Mother’s Day gift this year, it’s important to cover all your bases, especially when it comes to insurance! After all, a gift can only last forever if it, well…. lasts forever.

We suggest considering an insurance plan for any high-priced Mother’s Day gift that exceeds the value of $5,000. When the value of a gift, such as a nice watch, nice pair of earrings or fine art, fits into this category, our expert Problem Solvers suggest you insure these valuable items separately. This allows all of us “gifters” to protect our gifts for the full cost to replace them.

In addition, you can always add valuable items to your Georgia homeowners insurance policy or acquire a Valuables Floater Policy. Both of these options will give “Agreed Value” coverage and in many cases, there is no deductible applied in the event of a loss.

If you’re looking to learn more about finding the right Georgia Insurance plan for you and your precious gift, consider speaking with the Gillman Problem Solvers directly! They are happy to answer any questions and suggest an insurance plan that best serves your particular needs.

Numbers on paper will never express how much your gift will mean to your Mother, but if you’re looking for extra protection, we are happy to help! The Gillman Georgia Insurance office wishes you all an amazing Mother’s Day Holiday!

January 2nd, 2017 by Georgia Non-Profit Insurance