Gas-Saver Behavior: True or False?

We all know that gas prices are rising! And, it seems as though this upward trend isn’t going anywhere soon. Being the Problem Solvers that we are here at Gillman Insurance, we realize that increased prices of fuel create a problem for everyone. So, we’re bringing you the “gas saver behavior tips” that are supposed to save you gas money. Some are true, yes! But it turns out, some are false! We’re clearing it all up to get you the most fuel from your gas funds!gas prices

Find out which “Gas Saver Behaviors” will actually save you gas money:

1. Fill your tank in the morning!

False!: The temperature of gasoline as it comes out of the nozzle varies little during the course of the day, so there’s llittle benefit to pumping it early while it’s cooler.

2. Change your oil and put the right oil in!

True!: Federal Experts say the right oil grade, particulary in older cars, will save you 1 to 2% in gas mileage.

3. Buy High-Octane Gasoline!

False!: Unless you car specifically requires premium gas, skip it and go for low-octane fuel. High octane gas does not give you better mileage.

4. Change your Air-Filter!

False!: A clean air filter isn’t going to save you any gas. Modern engines have computer sensors that automatically adjust the fuel-air mixture.

5, Keep your tires inflated!

True!: Countless studies have shown that cars with properly inflated and balanced tires get about 3.3% better gas mileage.

6. Use gas-saving additive!

False!: Experts say there is no additive that makes gas burn more slowly. If there was, it wouldn’t be sold by the bottle online and oil and car companies would be clamoring for it.

7. Buy your gas in the suburbs!

True!: Gas in urban areas is heavily taxed and thus more expensive. So, hit up the suburbs for cheaper prices! Also look for busy stations, a sure sign that prices there are low.

8. Turn off your Air-Conditioning!

False!: In around-town driving, using the A/C will drop fuel economy by about a mile a gallon. BUT, driving higher speeds with the windows down will greatly increase your car’s aerodynamic drag.

We always put our customers first. Let us help you keep more money in your wallet!

January 2nd, 2017 by Georgia Non-Profit Insurance