“What if a Trick-Or-Treater gets Hurt on my Property?”


What if… My Home was vandalized by Trick-Or-Treaters?

Standard Georgia homeowners insurance and renter insurance policies will provide coverage for vandalism, confirmed by the Insurance Institute. A deductible will be present before your policy starts to pay. However, if you suffer costly damage to your home or possessions, you’ll be protected from a financial standpoint.

What if… My Car was vandalized by Trick-Or-Treaters?

Coverage for vandalism to your vehicle as a result of yesterday’s trick-or-treating holiday would be under the optional comprehensive portion of your Atlanta auto insurance policy.

What if… My light-up indoor Halloween decorations went up in flames?

If you electrically-challenged Halloween décor or seasonal candles light-up in flames, associated damage to your home/apartment should be covered by your standard homeowners insurance and renters insurance policies. If the fire is drastic enough that you are unable to live in your home, you’ll also be covered for additional living expenses that may include staying in a hotel while your home is being restored.

What if… a Trick-or-Treater  was injured on my property?

If a Halloween guest is accidentally injured in your house or apartment, you should be covered under the liability of your GA homeowners insurance or GA renters insurance policy if sued by the guest. Standard policies also include ‘no fault medical coverage.’ This would allow the injured visitor to file their medical claim directly with your insurance company and avoid a lawsuit.

What if …. I crashed my car into a tree to avoid hitting a Trick-or-Treater?

When kids are running from house to house, they have only one thing on their mind: Candy! Often times, their excitement for the Holiday overcomes their desire to make optimal decisions when it comes to road safety. Thus, drivers assume added risk when entering a neighborhood on Halloween night. If a trick-or-treater darts in front of your vehicle and you crash into something else to avoid hitting the child (for example, you crash into a tree) you should still be covered. Accidents that do not involve another driver or pedestrian are covered under the optional collision portion of an auto insurance policy. If another car or person is involved in the accident, the liability portion of your auto policy would kick in.

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January 2nd, 2017 by Georgia Non-Profit Insurance