Have You Ever Held a Bowling Fundraiser?

Bowling competitions are a great way to gain some notoriety for your case and engage the public in a nonprofit fundraising campaign that is truly memorable for the whole family. Our Insurance Problem Solvers have a lot of hidden knowledge about how to improve your bowling game. Have you ever hosted a bowl-a-thon to raise money or awareness for a cause?

nonprofit fundraiser

Bowling Tips:

  1. “Nice and Easy” is key. Don’t rush while rolling the ball down the lane. Take it slow and focus!
  2. Don’t set your expectations too high. Bowling is not what we do for a living. This is definitely something we learned firsthand. Just because we are Georgia Insurance agent experts that provide top-notch insurance solutions, does not mean we will be expert bowlers…. or average bowlers. 🙂
  3. Break your strategy into small steps. It takes the perfect combination of approach, angle, speed and follow-through to get that impressive strike. Pay attention to the individual elements.
  4. Add some “intimidation” to the mix. We realized that our actual game wasn’t adding an ounce of threat to our competition. If this happens to your team, play cool and spout out sayings such as, “a slow start is all part of our winning strategy.”
  5. Bowl each ball with full intent. We found that a few deep breaths before we entered the lane improved our game. We might need to get an oxygen mask before we start beating our opposing team… but hey, we’ll take any improvement!
  6. Keep your bowling hand close to your body as you run in and cock your wrist back just a little. Experts claim that this keeps the energy of the delivery loaded close to your body and the wrist action gives added “umph” to the final send-off.

We may be expert Problem Solvers in our GA Insurance office. But, we are fully aware that nobody is good at everything… our bowling our skills can use a little work.


January 2nd, 2017 by Georgia Non-Profit Insurance